These would complete my celtic army if hadn't bought a cavalry horde from Foudry...

Basic Information

Game System:Warhammer Ancient Battles v1.0
List:Barbarian from main rulebook, amendments from Fall of the West and Armies of Antiquity
Figures:128 infantry, 5 chariots
Manufacturers:Foundry and Black Tree Designs
Total Points Value:1,499
StatusMore stuff to paint


Warlord with light armor, shield and throwing spear147
Battlestandard bearer50
Chieftain with light armor, shield and throwing spear77
Chieftain with light armor, shield and throwing spear77
5 Chariots with shield, leader, standard bearer210
38 Warriors with shield, mixed weapons, leader, standard, musician243
38 Warriors with shield, mixed weapons, leader, standard, musician243
29 Fanatical Warriors with shield, mixed weapons, leader, standard, musician305
Auxiliary Infantry
9 Slingers36
9 Slingers36


The warrior queen herself. I painted her in the same color scheme as the foot version. Afterwards I noticed that this was supposed to be Boudicca and the foot version is actually Cartimandua. Oh, well... These are all old Foundry British celts, done by the Perry twins long, long ago... and the molds are wearing a bit thin.
The guy with the head is a PG version basically because I was too lazy to do blood effects. Besides, I'm too old for corny blood effects. In their fleshy glory.

More pictures of these figures.


I thought I didn't have enough figures painted to qualify for 1,000 points but when I actually calculated this, I had to make a few changes to get it down to 1,500. Those heroic guys sure eat up a lot of points!

This list is built on the premise that my naked warriors qualify as fanatic while the rest are regular warriors. I actually have a full Foundry cavalry horde waiting to be painted. Once done that will push this list into 2,000 point range. A few extra standard bearers and musicians stand in for regular warriors and a few armored nobles reinforce the lines without any extra game effect.

You could argue that the warrior blocks are too large already. But if you split them up into three blocks, they end up a tad too small. As I already have extra command figures, I think I'll do this after I paint the eight freebie warriors I got with the cavalry horde.

I actually have an extra druid model ready to play, but the list only allows for one. I guess after reaching 2,000 points I could split this into two 1,000 point lists and play British celts vs. Gauls or something.

There are many ways to trim this list down to 1,000 points. I would probably start with dropping the chariots and some characters. Downgrading the fanatics to regular warriors is also an option. You could also play with using the original mixed weapons rule instead of the one in Fall of the West though this makes warrior blocks slightly less effective (but cheaper).

Nevertheless, one thing is sure: This army has balls.

Update: I actually go the cavalry horde painted a while back. Just didn't get around to updating this list. I need to redo this for the new edition of the rules anyways... Here are some pictures of the cavalry:

These fellas were sitting on my desk for a very long time... now I only have the eight freebie warriors that came with these and a bunch of civilians to paint. I still can't do metal in 3-color. And the Foundry red isn't very good...

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