Tusk and Horn

Three identical heroes. I gave them different hair colors, though.

Basic Information

Army:Tusk and Horn
Game System:Chronopia 1st edition
Figures:27 infantry
Manufacturers:Target Games
Total Points Value:975
StatusMore to paint


Dark-Tusk Hero79
Dark-Tusk Hero79
Legion of the Horned Ones: 5 swordsmen, leader, and standard bearer241
Dark-Tusk Legion: 2 swordsmen, 2 gauntlets, leader and standard bearer232
Dark-Stars: 4 Dark-Star warriors108
Dark-Stars: 4 Dark-Star warriors108
Dark-Axes: 4 Dark-Axe warriors128


With round killing things. One of the poses is noticeably smaller than the other one... This is the beefier of the two. You'll note that the same basic body/pose has been re-used in many other dwarf figures in the early Chronopia line.
I really like this guy, even though I'm not quite happy with the golden armor. I was really uninspired thinking about a color scheme for this unit. Regular swordsmen. I actually like this pose best.
Nice piggie on a pole. Standard bearer, the only guy with a face. I messed up the shield. I still can't do metals in 3-color. Originally, I intended to put more bronze on this.

More pictures of these figures.


What is it with these Chronopia "armies"? Every time I paint a bunch to be written up as a list, I find out that I have too many to be included in the list. Three horny ones had to be omitted to fit this list under 1,000 points. Well, not that much of a loss really, since I originally intended this to be a Dark Tusk theme list and only included the hornies because I couldn't obtain a tuskie totem. And frankly because the army already has too many short guys with round killing things.

It is intriguing in a way that I painted these guys at all. Dwarves must be my second least liked Chronopia army, right after the boring chaos-clones that are the Devout. I like some of the figures, and I picked the ones I like to paint this time, but in general the dwarf figures never really impressed me. It was only because a friend of mine painted a bunch but not enough for a fully legit list. So I painted a set of Dark-Stars pretty quickly to fill out his list. Then I just decided to boost my set to a full list, dug up enough stunties and went at it. Out of all the dwarf clans, I gotta say I like the tuskies most. The little piggies are just so endearing. Ironically the Dark-Tusk Totem, one of the Chronopia figures I like the most, is one of the few I don't have. I curse myself for not buying it back then... Did I really need to buy 32 identical blood axe warriors? No.... but the totem I failed to buy...

The Foundry/Dallimore 3-color expirements continue with this set, but it is leaning more towards a hybrid style. You will note the tabards of the horny ones are done with a classic inkwash/drybrush rather than 3-colored. Though I do lack a proper color set for purple, the real reason is that this is just plain faster. 3-color is fast if you're doing a single figure, or if you absolutely must finish stuff in a single sitting. But doing batches of similar figures in 1-2 hour stints like me, the drying time for the wash isn't really a factor. I'll typically leave the wash as the last stage each night. But I must say I really like 3-color for flesh, and I think I'm getting better at it. Maybe I'll dare to try those barechested celt warriors next...

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