Standard bearer.

Basic Information

Game System:Chronopia 1st edition
Figures:30 infantry
Manufacturers:Target Games
Total Points Value:999
StatusMore to paint


Repulsar Knight91
Swordsmen: 8 swordsmen, leader, greatswordman and standard bearer260
Macemen: 8 macemen, leader, greatmaceman and standard bearer240
Iron Guard: 4 guardsmen, leader and standard bearer333


Leader. This guy came without a tab for the base. As his pose is also a rather tiptoe one, I attached a 2mm wire to the base and drilled a hole for it under the skirt. The first squad of Firstborn is done! These are the venerable swordsmen. I decided against the official checkered color scheme and used red with white piping instead. The pose is pretty much the same as one of the swordsmen.
A delightfully commissar-like character. I was really disappointed with this mini. The game artwork shows a Repulsar Knight jumping into the middle of a horde of enemies - I was expecting a far more dynamic pose. Switched the polearm position slightly to make it even a little bit interesting. The gloves were a bit troublesome - they seem to be part armor, part cloth or leather. Why a troop of less than ten warriors need their own flag is beyond me, though...

More pictures of these figures.


I actually have a Chronomancer painted I couldn't squeeze into this list.

I bought a huge pile of Chronopia figures from a sale a few years back, but didn't really get around to painting them before this. I still have plenty left, but as I didn't really intend to play Chronopia with them when I bought them, I'm missing the required leader figures for many unit types. In game terms, the large squads are rather inefficient, because they are very hard to fit within the command radius of the leader.

I'll probably add some Black Sisters next.

This list is missing missile troops mostly because I think the Firstborn archer and crossbowman figures just looked horrible and therefore I never bought any.

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Chronopia miniature Mimmo (guest) Jan 01, 2019 19:17

Dear Sir / Madame,

I'm an Italian collector of Chronopia. I'm higly interested into Elves, Stygian and Swamp Goblins. If you have items for sell please feel free to contact me at: mimmo2515 at gmail dot com

Best regards, Mimmo

Sorry, not for sale maxxon Jan 02, 2019 07:44


Nice to hear from you!

I basically already painted my entire collection and I don't sell painted models, sorry.

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