House of Helios

The House of Helios troops ready for battle.

Basic Information

Army:House of Helios
Game System:Chronopia 1st edition
Figures:24 infantry
Manufacturers:Target Games
Total Points Value:981
StatusMore to paint


Warrior of the Golden Mask54
Axemen: 8 axemen, leader, axemaster and standard bearer413
Spearmen: 6 spearmen, leader and standard bearer247
Keepers of the Flame: 4 keepers and leader267


Spearman command, leader and standard bearer. This is the leader figure for the Keepers. The command trio.
I think I overuse red color schemes, so I made these guys yellow instead, for the House of Helios. Here's the Big Mean Elf himself. I dropped the blue from the concept art and did him entirely in red/yellow/gold/black scheme. The shields are nicely visible here. I couldn't find a transfer I liked for the banners and shields, and knowing that I suck at freehand, I painted this abstract flame motif instead.

More pictures of these figures.


Again, I painted too many troops. I had to drop two spearmen off the list to squeeze it under 1,000 points. With the troops being so expensive, it's hard to get near an exact figure. Maybe I should paint some swordsmen or militia next.

I do own archer figures for the elves, but these blisters just happened to be opened so I started with them. Chronopia "armies" are really small in terms of figure counts. You barely get started and then you realize you can't fit anything more in the army. Which is also good, because the figures are not that fast to paint, lots of intricate details and stuff.

In terms of painting, these are among the first real units I've done in the Foundry/Dallimore 3-color style.

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