Fantasy Figures Inventory

In the old days, I had all the time but none of the money...

This sections covers various fantasy figures of the traditional tolkienesque fantasy ilk. Steampunk and such "fantasy extensions" are covered together with their non-fantasy elements. Though you could argue that classic fantasy is likewise an extension of medieval...

Everything here is in 28mm unless otherwise specified.


Both are old Citadel. The one on the left was actually sold as 'evil fighter' while the one on the ledt is from the Chaos Marauders box set.

These are mostly Warhammer figures, but some are very very old. Very old. Like from time when Toughness stat was a letter code. Kaleb Daark is included in both foot and mounted versions, Jaek and Helwud I sadly did not get... Demons and their ilk are listed under monsters.

Dark Elf

Crossbow elves from Grenadier, scuplted by Mark Copplestone.

These are old Grenadier and Citadel figures for the most part.


Another shot. The dwarf is a Denizen multi-part dwarf, the giant hails from Grenadier.

These are old Grenadier and Citadel figures mostly. In addition, I have a Skull Pass set and a pile of Mantic dwarves in the painting queue. I just recently realized Mirliton still carries the old Grenadier range. I have to get some bear cavalry!


These are the 10 cent orcs.

Including goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls, kobolds, ogres and other humanoid monster types that don't have a separate section. I think I've dropped all my old orky types into paint stripping...


I managed to break off one of the axe heads.

The bulk of the skeletons are the 10-cent skeletons I bought some years back. The rest is mostly Citadel with some Alternative Armies thrown in. Ironically, it's probably impossible to construct a legal Warhammer army from these since Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings were divorced, I don't have the obligatory official figures and most of the figures probably have wrong equipment...


And the obligatory overhead view.

Due to their unique looks, I decided to give these guys their own section.

Still a few left, but the end is nigh...


These are actually made from vinyl keychain figures.

A wide variety of monsters. A couple of old Grenadier dragons were condemned to paint stripping.

Miscellaneous Fantasy

This is an old Citadel Limited Edition figure.

All the fantasy figures that don't really fit anywhere. This includes a few types banished here because their style and/or uniform don't fit in with a larger group of similar figures.

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Skeletons Nicholas (guest) Oct 19, 2014 16:13

Awesome stuff mate might I ask where you got the skeletons from?

10-cent skeletons maxxon Oct 20, 2014 12:32

It was a US game store that ran these 10 cent figure promotions about 10 years ago. They had at least orcs, skeletons and dwarves. They were a bit old school sculpts, slightly on the small side, single pose, but hey, 10 cents a piece! I have 100 of the skellies and another 100 of the orcs plus a handful of dwarves.

They claimed they were not selling them at loss.

I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the store nor do I have any idea if these are still available.

Items for sale Mimmo (guest) Jul 05, 2018 13:18

Are these items for sales? I'm interested into some of them.

Not for sale... maxxon Jul 09, 2018 18:40

Sorry, this is not a for sale listing.

I'm just pedantic and like to catalog my stuff...

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