Historical Figures Inventory

In the old days, I had all the time but none of the money...

The historical figures inventory covers all pre-20th century figures. I know this cutoff is pretty arbitrary, but I had to make some choice.

Everything here is in 28mm unless otherwise specified.

Hoplite Greek

The shields are permanently fixed, which eases assembly.

I included the centaurs simply because they happened to be in the same container with the rest of the troops. I do have a bunch of other monsters that would fit a greek theme if I were building a fantasy army.


Some figures didn't fit in their saddles too well.

The chariots are based on 80mm squares for Fantasy Rules! which unfortunately makes them either unusable or unsurvivable in some other rules. But they are a pretty way to sink points...


Gone fishing...

Not much of a Roman army, eh...

Dark Age

Saxon warriors.

Colonial Africa

The Royal Knitting and Needlework Society guarding the treasures.

There may be some more painted figures misplaced somewhere...

Old West

Here's the gang.

These are mostly Foundry with some Dixon minis.


Elves on parade. I must admit I know next to nothing about Napoleonic uniforms, so I painted these based on the pictures on the game box.

These are the figures from the Deadloque and Lady Wintermore's Fangs sets mostly. I still have a pile of loose elves unpainted. I'm not a huge fan of painting napoleonic uniforms, even fantasy ones.

1/300 Napoleonic

Napoleon advances.

These are essentially full sets for Le Petit Empereur, French, German, Russian, Austrian and a British half-set (since in LPE, the brits must always ally with someone). One of the extremely few cases where I had the figures professionally painted though I did the basing myself. Needless to say, I've never actually played with them.


The modest beginnings of my 28mm nappies I picked up from a Foundry overstock sale. I should get some officers and maybe artillery and cavalry as well.


The three samurai -- we're on a budget here.

Most of these are Dixon figures, except the unpainted ones that are Clan Wars figures. Despite being titled oriental, they are actually pretty much Japanese. The rest are logically in misc. fantasy section...

Early Renessaince

Closeup on halberdiers.

These are mostly Citadel Empire figures from various ages, including the BattleMasters game. The two ugly cannons are scratch-built. I also have a bunch of knights listed under medieval. In a pinch, many of them could stand in for gendarmes.


These two are from the Redoubt Three Musketeers line.

These all Redoubt Three Muskeeters miniatures, except the cossack who's Foundry.


I wasn't really inspired to do these at all...

These were originally mostly Citadel and Grenadier figures from various ages, but recently I've added quite a few of Black Tree's excellent Hundred Years War figures. The knights are included here even though rougly half of them are GW Empire figures and might be counted under early renessaince. Civilian types are listed under misc. fantasy.

Ancient Naval

These are 1/1200 galleys from NavWar.

These are all 1/1200 scale and mostly NavWar. I painted a bunch of different ones as a test, so there's everything from ancient greek triremes to byzantine dromons.

ACW Naval

I've these for some years, but I just recently based them.

These are all 1/1200 scale NavWar.

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