Yours truly faking painting. 

Note the beverage of the gods. This section provides sets of photos selected based on certain themes. Usually, these pictorials also include back story, comments, battle reports, instructions and so on in addition to the photographs themselves, though some of the older ones are simple themed collections of pictures.

All the photographs used in the pictorials are searchable and viewable through the normal search interface, but here they are set in context.

What separates a pictorial from an article then? Well, it is a fine line, but basically when I feel that the pictures are the main thing the piece gets done as a pictorial. When the text is the most important feature and pictures only supplementary or decoration, then it is an article.

The pictorials are divided into several categories.

Picture collections dealing with a particular themed force, aka army.
Battle Reports
Pictures relating to a single game, i.e. a battle.
The Easy Way
Tutorials how to make stuff. Include step-by-step instructions.
Pictures relating to assembly and painting of particular models, but without actual step-by-step instructions.
Resolutions Reports
Pictures relating to my New Year's Resolutions.
Old Stuff
Some very old pictures collected here.
Con Reports
Pictures from conventions, mostly Ropecon.

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