SciFi Rules Inventory

A faked shot of RPG combat in progress. This section of figures inventory covers all sorts of science fiction miniatures. Ultramoderns are included in the modern section.

Space naval is included in naval warfare.

Major supplements owned for each game are also listed.

Land Warfare


Small scale sci-fi skirmish with a rather set scope. But I actually ran a convention game with these once. It's fun enough for a game.

Closeup on one of the guardians. This is something I've been a bit amazed about with these and some other miniatures I've seen: Very neat and good attention to details, but absolutely zero shading. Personally, I might skimp on some details, but I never skip shading.

Adeptus Titanicus

I really loved these rules, but then again I usually love everything with giant robots. It was fun, it was fast, it was simple enough. And the model buildings gave it majestic scale.

Tell me again, why did I sell off my unpainted titans? Argh!

Alien Squad Leader 2.0

Element-based 15mm scifi rules. I heard good things about this but I haven't had the time to give it a good read yet.

Battle Cattle

Car Wars with cybernetic cows. I never played this because getting the figures proved troublesome.

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Bolt Action in space. Ok, it uses d10s.


I've had the figures for quite some time, even painted, so I thought I might as well get the rules for reference. The system is curiously diceless, but not in any good way. Dice have simply been replaced by another much more cumbersome randomization method. And it has phased movement, another one of my all-time favorites... Unfortunately, the rulebook doesn't even have pretty pictures. Instead of nice photos or art, it is largely illustrated with what appear to be concept sketches.

Critter Commandos 2000

Actually, it's pretty hard to tell anything about these rules because the copy I have is some sort of misprint. From page 8 onwards the contents have been replaced by some sort of superhero RPG supplement...

And the marines themselves.

Dark Future

GW does Car Wars. These were actually pretty fun, even though the modifiers could cap out relatively easily resulting in almost automatic hits. Interestingly the cars used common toy car scale. I made a couple of conversions.


Another of the recent miniatures/boardgame hybrids. I got this off Kickstarter and didn't do much with it for a long time, but I recently started painting the figures.


I overcame my dread of hexes and got this. I think it's the second edition... I have tons of Dark Eldar warriors to convert into extreme athletes.

Dropzone Commander 1.1

They were on sale... Actually, the game looks fabulous, but I really don't think I'll be buying into a completely new scale...

Dirtside II

Sci-Fi microarmor rules. I tried playing these a couple of times but I didn't really like it. It does have a construction system, not really sure if it is balanced. Based on multiple dice types and dice shifts as modifiers. And you will either love or hate the chit damage system.

It can be a bit hard to get into due to the lack of pre-generated balanced vehicles.

Dust Tactics

I got these as a freebie with Wargames Illustrated. As I generally like the idea of alternative WWII, I was kinda looking forward to these.

But what I got was some weird boardgamey thing with square movement and no terrain in sight. Yuck.

Top view for baldy.


Alternative Armies' very own sci-fi skirmish game. Never really played them. Seem to be intended for very few figures, works on a square grid and I think it had some weird dice allocation mechanic.


I used to play Car Wars. I used to play Cars Wars a lot. Let's see if this is any good...

Hammer's Slammers: The Crucible

I finally got these rules and the book is absolutely fabulous. And the rules look ok too. So I'm building my Slammers forces for a game. It will be interesting to see how it all works out.

Heavy Gear Blitz - Locked and Loaded

I used to own the original Heavy Gear game, but I never really played it partly due to difficulty in getting the miniatures. Then I sold it off and now I bought this much updated version, but it still seems somewhat too complex for what I was thinking of. I really liked Lightning Strike, but this set is nowhere near as sleek.


Microscale sci-fi game. Never played these.

Horizon Wars

Micro-scifi game from Osprey. Very nice looking and interesting mechanics, but unfortunately the damage mechanic kinda kills this for me.

Infinity Quickstart

Ok, I picked up the quickstart booklet. I guess it kinda counts. The quickstart actually looks pretty decent, I'm just so not fan of the cheerleader activation mechanic. And many of the figures look like breakage waiting to happen.

Another type of mine.


And I have the Finnish language edition! Quite frankly, this is mostly interesting as sort of proto-40K. Never actually played it.

Mars Attacks

Yeah, I got this from Kickstarter for the minis and haven't done anything with it.


Danger, romance and giant robots! What's not to like? I played these rules very extensively long long ago. I really like these rules and that's saying a lot given they have an energy allocation component (I usually hate energy allocation games, seems too much like accounting instead of gaming). HINT: Having actually destructible terrain makes these rules soooo much more fun -- we used to play with LEGO buildings. Has construction rules but it is fairly abstract.

Mecha Carnage

I used to buy all the giant robot rules I could lay my hands on. This actually seems to be a pretty nifty set, but in the end I never really played it.

I was supposed to add detailing to these, but I was too bored. Also, keeping them simple keeps them somewhat scaleless. These are equally ok with 28mm skirmish as microarmor.

Ogre Miniatures

I used to play Ogre Deluxe a lot back in high school. This is basically a hexless version of the same game. I played it a couple of times, I think it has some issues of not quite being divorced from the hexes. The weapon ranges are really really short and so are the movement distances. But then again, so they are in the board game too.

Rogue Stars

Heroic sci-fi skirmish or something. Haven't really looked at those yet.

Rogue Trooper

The Kickstarter you thought dead finally delivered! The rules are based on the old Starship Troopers/Battlefield Evolution rules, with optional Judge Dredd skirmish stats (also out of print). Too bad they lost the license so getting additional minis is going to be impossible.

Sedition Wars: Battle For Alabaster

This is the first Kickstarter game project I got into in a big way. When I finally got it, I had almost completely forgotten about it. I did manage to wash the sprues but that's it. Still sitting in the box.


Another sci-fi skirmish ruleset from the 90's. I played these a couple of times. There's basically a construction system for troops, you can select stats and abilities and cost it all out. The problem in my opinion is that the system is overly granular - things with a higher rating will pretty much always beat things with a lower rating and if your ratings are equal, it's reduced to a 50/50 crapshoot.


Futuristic American football variant. Grid-based. Never actually played it. I do wonder why I bought it?

Space Hulk

Another classic. I loved this game until they killed it. The beauty of this game is in its simplicity and elegance -- don't mess it up by adding new stuff, it doesn't really need anything. Yes, you could argue it's really a board game but since I painted up all the figures I'm saying it's a miniatures game.

Strangely, these are much worse models than the stealers -- stiff single pose, molded in one part results in clearly evident lack of undercuts...

Space Marine

The original box set, the one with only marines in it. I can see it in my mind's eye: "We want to a big boxed game, but we can only afford one set of moulds" "Civil War!!!". To be frank, I mostly bought this because I thought the titans needed something to stomp. Did play it back then.

Space Marine 2nd edition

More marines and some orks and eldar in the box. I didn't like these rules as much as the previous edition and in the end didn't really play them anymore.

Stargrunt II

Sci-Fi skirmish rules from the Full Thrust world. Force on Force owes quite a bit to these rules. Never really played these, because they basically offer zero help in building balanced forces.

Starship Troopers

I bought a pile of these because they were on sale (sound familiar by now?). Haven't really read them yet, though. This stuff being out of print by now it may be difficult to assemble legit armies for it, though.

One traitor squad taken care of, squad Beta prepares to tackle another.

Star Wars Miniatures Battles

If it didn't say "miniatures battles" on the cover, I would think this was the combat system from a RPG. And lo and behold, one of the first paragraphs in the book deals with how to use this with Star Wars RPG. Apart from the license, the rules are pretty standard small scale sci-fi skirmish with nothing to really write home about. Except it does have a fair bit of baggage from the RPG rules.

Strontium Dog

New licensed game for the classic 2000AD series. Looks interesting and I even painted everything in the box.

Tomorrow's War

The sci-fi variant for Force on Force. Seems to be relatively hard sci-fi. Haven't really read these, though.

Undead Avenue

Zombie skirmish. Could be useful for scenarios.

USEME Science Fiction

The sci-fi variant of the USEME rules. full review available.


Sci-Fi skirmish in the old WH40K vein. I'm not sure if these are the 1.0 or 1.1 version of the rules. I think I got them as a freebie from somewhere. Haven't really read. I got the army books for cheap mostly for the pictures. But I do have a pile of random Void figures somewhere. Maybe I'll have to paint them now and try this out.


To go with Crucible, this is FASA's failed sci-fi skirmish game. I guess I got them from the same place. Never really read it. I'd like to get some of the space monkey monster thingies, though.

And you just gotta have a bow.

Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

This is the original, the one I fell in love with. And it is still the edition I like best. Not for the rules, because quite frankly they suck. But for the heart! This is the rulebook that inspired me to build my Rexona Raider. They had actual rules for making your own vehicles. Badly broken and totally abusable, but still. This rulebook still had instructions to build your own terrain. This rulebook still had Abdul Goldberg and those wacky random mission objectives. Seen any of that lately?

Unfortunately my copy suffers from disintegrating binding, like pretty much all of them I guess.

Warhammer 40,000 (3rd edition)

Seems I also have the 3rd edition rulebook. I think I bought an old starter from a sale when the 4th edition came out. All the supplements are listed under 4th edition since I never played this one.

Warhammer 40,000 (4th edition)

Fourth edition was the last time I tried to get back into 40K. Bought the rules, bought the codices, even built a fully legit Tyranid -army (by now it's probably not legit anymore or at the very least horribly non-competetive). Then my gaming group sort of disintegrated and my gaming went into hiatus. I liked the idea of the kill team games, though in actual play there were some issues.

I haven't listed books that have little to no actual rules, like the collector guides, Index Astartes books etc.

And more tiger stripes.

Warhammer 40,000 (6th edition)

Yes, I broke down and bought the latest edition of 40K when someone was selling the new rulebook for half price. Let's see if this one is any good. Some of the books in the previous section might still be usable with this edition but it's very hard to tell.

Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

I caved in and bought the new Kill Team, based on the 8th edition rules. This actually looks pretty nice, I might actually play it.


The Warpath rules from Mantic show promise. I need to test them out with my 15mm scifi figures. Not so sure about the firefight version, though.


I played a few games of Warzone 1st edition, but it didn't really impress me and there were some abusable points in the rules. Still, I went ahead and got the second edition box. Then I got a pile of figures from a sale when Target went belly up. The vast majority of my Warzone figures are still unpainted, even though I managed to sell of a big bunch of them meanwhile. And now I'm buying them again... sigh...

Perhaps ironically, I bought a couple of old Warzone books and it appears I'm perhaps now the owner of the first edition as well.

Naval Warfare

No sci-fi wet navies in sight...

Aerial and Space Warfare

This is a simple conversion done with a Dixon ninja and a spare early 40K backpack.

Firestorm Armada

Space naval game. Haven't read these.

Full Thrust 2nd edition