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I haven't made a flag in quite a while... but it was actually fun doing the design. When I originally started making videos, I just used my personal account to upload them to Youtube. Naturally, that account is not really connected to Small Cuts in any way making the videos slightly difficult to find.

Right now, the stuff is presented in a simple reverse chronological order. That means you should always find the latest video topmost.

I will structure this section better when there's more stuff. Drop me a line if you'd like to see direct download links -- I could host this stuff here too.

Destruction Workshop: Working With Plaster Castings: Painting Ruined Columns

Destruction Workshop: Working With Plaster Castings: Ruined Columns

It Came From The Lead Pile: Skinnie General and Elite Guard

It Came From The Lead Pile: Scotia Grendel Resin Models

Destruction Workshop: Plaster Casting Basics

Destruction Workshop: Sunken Wrecks

Auntie T's Podside Stories: Goldielock and the Three Gaunts

Rise of the Space Komsomol

Space Comrades

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