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2013-08-29 2014-12-17 2012-03-14 2012-08-31
Escape From Castle ZX Mr. G and Company Westwood Tank Factory Mugshots
There is only one way out... It's Mr. G's merry band! These are all Battlefront minis. I got them mostly because they are locally available, and because I don't have to pay postage, pretty much the same price as everything else. Reach out and touch someone.
2014-10-26 2015-01-21 2014-10-09 2015-01-04
VOTOMS Factory DCPA Lesson 3 Explorers Assemble Painting Diary
CATM-08 Octaves ready for battle. Too bad I've been unable to find any further information about them. No, no, no! I want to take a break. The obligatory overhead view. This is my new painting diary. I found it on the ground. Maybe someone had dropped it?
2015-05-13 2019-04-16 2013-12-28 2015-09-12
HYW Loot Pumping the Oil Cops and Robbers Firstborn Knights
Ok, I got a few more HYW models from Black Tree. These are really excellent. Primed and ready for paint. Ok, maybe it's not fair to call them all gangsters. Call them... entrepreneurs. Impressive battle line, actually.

More totally random pictures.

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