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2012-04-04 2013-12-09 2004-01-26 2016-02-04
VC based Heist v0.14 Playtest Space Hulk Elven Golems
Tomorrow, these guys are going to get some grass. The final nail in the coffin. The blips converge on the marines. The obligatory overhead view.
2005-07-06 2013-06-27 2013-10-14 2005-01-29
Command Decision Grande Fiesta De Bug Dalek Invasion! Starships
One German Battalion. The countryside looks peaceful. The obligatory overhead view. A squadron of NAC ships from GZG.
2004-04-12 2005-07-25 2004-07-25 2013-04-10
Celts Castle Chelmsford 3-D Land Raider Bugs
These are pretty much the same as the previous bunch of celtic slingers. The first two players ready to go. Glue on the top and let it dry. Next bit is going to be a bit trickier, since the front plate is missing. I can't even fit them all in the obligatory overhead view.

More totally random pictures.

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