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Hammer's Slammers Obsidian Guard Skeletons Crusades
Mortar jeeps. Yes, I know obsidian is black but that would have been so boring I chose to paint the snake dark green instead. I think these are Alternative Armies models, but I could be mistaken. It was fun painting skeletons for a change. Maybe I should do my 100 Discount Hobby skellies next... The saracen camp.
2014-05-05 2015-02-19 2012-04-06 2015-08-22
Ferach Recruitment Might And Steel VC infantry Helios Heroes
The final batch, cleaned and stuck on bases. What's with the this and that naming? Wily CIA agents had stolen the actual machineguns from my Battalion HQ pack. Fortunately the resourceful commies pressed some spare Brownings into use. I tried a sort of duo-tone gold.
2013-06-06 2012-09-14 2012-03-26 2016-01-24
Project S2: Battle For The Jones Farm The Final Celts Trouble stirring down south... Saxons on the march
More bugs to the dead pile. I just hate these plastic figures. This guy's sword broke while I was painting him. No problem, I'll just drill out the fist and stick a spear there... except the hand is too small to take 1mm drill bit. Screw scale accuracy, I want figures that can take a bit of handling. Here's the rank and file somalis getting ready to defend the motherland. Some extreme measures for drying.

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