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2019-07-02 2013-03-19 2018-05-13 2012-01-22
Virus Outbreak Sunken Wrecks Expedition Die Amerikaner kommt!
Off to varnishing with them. The cars are buried. Onwords to the unknown! The obligatory overhead view.
2014-01-07 2005-09-01 2012-12-20 2013-10-14
Flintloque Tyranid Warriors The Fuzz Foot soldiers
Base wash applied. Devourer from side. These are 28mm figures that came with a game. Frankly, I bought the game for the figures and I mostly wanted these because finding 28mm modern civilians isn't that easy. I really should get more of these, they are so nice. But first I will paint the crossbowmen.
2015-09-12 2014-06-25 2017-04-24 2013-03-21
Firstborn Form Up Lady Wintermore's Fangs 3 Orc Cavalry Roundup Muskets and Assegai battle
Adding red bits. One lancer down. Basing. Baluchi snipers get onto the hill.

More totally random pictures.

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