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2012-11-14 2013-12-10 2015-01-08 2018-11-13
Plasticard Moondome construction DCPA Lesson 1 IKEA housing
My one beef with this material is right here: The sheets are not cut following the embossed design. So if you want a square sheet with aligned design, you'll need to trim the edges yourself. Then it's bath time. Nah, I forgot my straw. Here's the finished house.
2014-03-21 1998-07-30 2004-07-25 2015-07-08
Deadloque Elf Cavalry Full Thrust Land Raider Billmen
The obligatory overhead view. Aargh! I'm going to fall off the edge of space! Mounting the guns. The original guns were missing, so I salvaged a pair from the bits box. Maybe I'll do the next batch in full 3-color just to see how it goes.
2008-08-16 2013-06-17 2004-08-22 2004-01-12
Zombies Bug Factory Skeleton chariot Genestealers
It's zombie time... The first three hoppers built. The other chariot. Oo la la, what legs!

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