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2015-02-11 2017-10-03 2012-11-29 2019-01-07
DCPA Lesson 6 Mags and Tony Muskets and Assegai Housing Project
It's another morning in the academy. I bought these a number of years ago. Brave sikhs dispatch the unruly natives. Primed and ready to paint.
2013-01-14 2012-03-21 2005-04-17 2005-03-20
SAGA New wheels for the fuzz Tyranid gaunts Tyranid sampler 2
Not quite legal figures, I'll need to redo them later. Now how do I scruff up those vehicles without having to completely repaint them? Maybe a touch of matt varnish and some drybrushing? Camera LCD sucks in bright sunlight. Should have taken these pictures indoors anyway. Closeup showing how macro lacks depth focus.
2019-08-07 2020-09-02 2012-11-29 2004-07-25
Saurian Invasion Spell Academy Muskets and Assegai Land Raider
Very old and rather small Ral Partha models. Off to varnishing with them. The cunning natives enter an abandoned village. Improvised front plate in place.

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