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2004-08-22 2013-05-15 1998-07-30 2014-11-23
Skeletons Archers Assemble Fantasy Rules Feudal Muster
Looks like one metal figure has been included. I probably should try another batch of these with more colorful livery. Opening stages. Lord Soth is butting heads with some knights. The men-at-arms gather.
2006-12-12 2015-05-20 2004-08-22 2013-11-15
Celtic cavalry Crystal Lotus Elves Hunting Horror Black Powder Nappies
Celtic riders. Crystal Lotus specials assemble. With such a huge bulging eye, I should have given it a slit pupil or something. The germans anchor their line.
2014-04-24 2013-11-17 2019-01-07 2015-12-29
Heist: Cracking Me Up Moonbase Construction Housing Project Wrath of Kings Loot
Give up! Radar dishes primed. Base colors down. So my order finally arrived. I just can't feel enthusiastic about it anymore...

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