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Victorian riders Tank Factory DCPA Lesson 3 American Farmhouse by Perry Miniatures
Not really sure how authentic the uniform is. There are probably small mistakes here and there. These are impossible to pick up otherwise... Measure first... And the iconic white, ofcourse.
2005-01-29 2014-04-02 2014-02-03 2012-08-31
Starships Donnybrook The Syem Mercenaries Housing project
Sigh... I wish I was half this good. Mmmm... some tasty mules over there... I tried to give them a military/operator style without over camo or too uniform look. Here are the new houses I ordered. They just cheap enough to really build a city out of withou breaking the bank totally.
2004-03-01 2004-01-26 2005-10-04 2014-11-06
TYW: The Plastic Space Hulk Hormagaunts Lead Rot
Another buttshot. Why did I take this one? Ouch, this is not pretty. Chopety-chop... Chronopia Myrmadon with lead rot evident.

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