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2014-02-17 2006-10-02 2006-05-02 2020-11-10
Eckmühl Foreign stations Samurai Technicals
Austrians march to the sound of the guns. British and Commonwealth ships not stationed in or near Europe. Hybrid style: Flesh is 3-color while the cloth is still traditional wash and drybrush. Vroom vroom!
2013-08-14 2016-09-15 2013-12-03 2014-04-07
Grand Theft Yacht Blackblood Ogres Moonbase construction Looking For Droids
Ok, you row and I shoot. Pretty intricate designs on the shields. Initial base colors done. It's Mos Eisley and... an AT-AT?
2016-06-17 2014-04-21 2015-06-09 2014-04-18
Destiny Calls! Ferach On Foote Storage Boxes Model Expo 2014
Drybrush, let's do this old school... Pink turnbacks are actually historical. More contrasting piping would look better, IMHO, but blue was the issue of the day. More restless dead. Looks like turn of the century ships.

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