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2012-10-22 2013-02-03 2018-08-02 2013-08-31
Skirmishers Space Komsomol A Party of Rodents Characters
Using the GW scraping tool. It worked pretty well for the bodies, not so well for the smaller parts. The reinforcements are here! Space Komsomol join the fight! I didn't have a better idea for the flag... There's the Doctor and his Companion, some neatly dressed bad guys and a 3D printing experiment, which is slightly overscale.
2022-01-04 2018-02-27 2019-03-18 2014-04-24
Dryads Goblin Army United Liberation Front Heist: Cracking Me Up
The Branchwhych leads her troops. The secret masters are here! These are not the best models I have seen, sorry... but they are relatively inexpensive way to bulk up your troops. Augh! I'm hit!
2017-12-09 2005-11-14 2015-09-27 2013-10-24
The Backups Hive tyrant Archers Assemble Waterloo
The arm is a bit weird pose. The grunt's eye view. Some contrast added. It's Waterloo all over again.

More totally random pictures.

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