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Gift Workshop Vietnam: Chopper Down Feudal Knights Queen's Archers
Fitting before final assembly. Deepest parts of the jungle. Not where you want to be. Actually, they turned out pretty nice.
2005-09-13 2004-03-22 2013-08-29 2013-05-30
Spinegaunt Amera Terrain Escape From Castle ZX Albino Hippo: iMac tribe vs. Honest Hassan
Apart from being cheap pointswise, I like the look of the spinegaunts better. They are also much more poseable with the separate arms. Side view of the house. It is noticeably bigger than most resin buildings out there. Aagh! It's coming! The iMac tribe begins their assault.
2005-05-26 2018-02-27 2012-09-21 2023-01-10
Dungeon Goblin Army Another bash in the jungle Giant bugs
Dungeon pieces made with Hirst Arts molds. They are really great stuff. Though Bruce recommended basing them on half-inch insulation foam. I checked the catalog, there was 20mm foam. I figured I could live with the extra thickness. Went to the hardware store, they only had another brand which was 30mm minimum. Oh well... Archers leaders. Brave soldiers surge forward. That beef is going to be overdone.

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