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2014-12-12 2013-10-08 2018-05-13 2018-04-19
Mexican Fiesta Statue works Expedition Tank Factory
Off to varnishing... I just remembered how much I hate painting cordage. These are actually a pair of old Star Wars toys. A little mishap glueing the flag creates the wrinkle effect... Base color for turrets.
2014-04-07 2017-12-18 2016-03-06 2013-12-03
Commando Attack! Devout Mass Blackblood Orc Archers Moonbase construction
Hannibal and Face take over the roadblock. Off to varnishing. Showing the backs. I went with the terracotta color because it's much better than the red. I dismantled the toys and painted the pieces separately. This was pretty easy as they were not glued.
2013-11-21 2016-05-31 2003-11-19 2004-05-19
Heist v0.11 Playtest Blackblood Brewing Up Njetponimai City Palansi Warrior
Meanwhile, Markkanen is busy emptying the safe. Glue drying time. The end. Our brave fellows are downed by the scurrilous corpse-looting Doc Gray. The first actual casualty in the game too. And here's the duplicate warrior. The position of the claw arm is slightly different, but that's just a little bending.

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