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Russian field gun Pansy Recruitment The Great Storage Project RopeCon 2005
I got this because it happened to be on sale. I also misread the description thinking I was getting three guns in one box. No such luck. It's really too nice a model for gaming with etched brass parts etc. but I'll build it anyway -- minus the breakable fiddly parts. Spearmen getting ready to take paint. Some of my terrain. They used to be in old banged up cardboard boxes and it was hard to remember what was in which box (despite labeling the boxes). So I got these transparent plastic boxes with lids. Gemigabok's table from the other side.
2005-01-29 2013-05-15 2004-09-05 2004-05-30
Starships The Flight Crew Cobalt Assault Rouge Trader
Thunderbirds from Silent Death. Another less than optimal design. Air guitar champion. Two guys from Cobalt assault teams. The guy on the right has an underwrist computer, complete with keyboard. Exactly what I would carry into a close quarters boarding action... The Orange One finally gathers enough confidence to move up.
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Monster Mash Deadloque Elf Cavalry Undead Giant Die Britische Soldaten
Just a few more details. This magnitude of horsefleshe will surely keep many a zombie fed through the cold winter. This is an old Grenadier model. Much better than the new GW Tomb Giant, if I may say so. Yo dudes, I gots them goggles but I ain't using them!

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