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2014-08-31 2017-12-29 2017-08-28 2014-04-24
Orcy Nature Trip Devout Tormented Hideous Monsters Heist: Cracking Me Up
These are all from an old Warhammer starter box. I have no idea how I got hold of it... We've had better days... Two monsters out and about. Officer down!
2017-04-24 2012-08-31 2014-12-09 2014-09-09
Feudal Spearmen Mugshots M113 variants Tribal Warriors
Dynamic forward movement. Time for tea break. Even some basic models! Hmmm... what was I thinking with this picture.
2013-04-29 2015-09-12 2019-04-16 2013-03-03
Model Expo Firstborn Knights Anniversary Gift Chem Troopers
Some of my furniture on display at the club stand. I tried to imitate the style I used for the original batch over 10 years ago. The heroes are from Hasslefree, I scratch-built the snakes. Gotta practice that brush control a little more.

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