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A faked shot of RPG combat in progress. Welcome to rules inventory section. After unknowingly buying a rulebook I already owned, I figured it was high time to actually catalog the stuff I have. For now, I'll stick to printed products and give emphasis to core rulebooks over supplements. RPG rules are not covered, even though for some skirmish sets it's a bit ambiguous.

You'll quickly note that I haven't actually played most of the rules I own, and I even say I haven't even really read a fair few of them. There are many reasons for this.

I'll try to keep rules in each section in alphabetical order. The pictures are random, they don't necessarily match the games in any way. Unless I specifically mention the edition, I have the first edition as far as I know.

I may still find rules lurking around somewhere, and obviously I probably won't stop buying new ones.

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Rules that are no good Mike Haran (guest) Feb 13, 2014 17:05

I write rules too.I prefer the action to unfold in the rules,not on the table.What I mean by this is that a move on the table can cause several things to occur which the player can only become aware of by looking at the rule book,not at the table.You could say that this is not wargaming but interactive fiction.I find it very relaxing as there is not much to do beyond move a limited number of figures and roll a dice.

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