Army Lists

First move - feudals edge closer. Welcome to the army list section. What you see here is a listing of some of my figures organized into ready-to-play tournament legal armies. I basically did this to see what kinds of games I had the figures to play, which figures I should be buying to complete my forces and so on. This is a work in progress and concentrates mostly on the forces that are nearer to completion and/or playable.

And it is, ofcourse, an incentive for me to paint more.

The lists are intended to use the maximum number of my models. Thus, they are not really tournament optimized in any way and may contain various quite sub-optimal choices.


The following table lists the armies so far constructed. It does not list all of my figures and in some cases the same figures might appear in several armies. The game systems are chosen somewhat arbitrarily, favoring systems that count by the figure and provide point values. I might not even actually play any particular system that much -- all they are really there for is to provide a meaningful and consistent reference point.

Army Lists

Hoplite GreekWHAB1,500
British PlatoonForce on ForceN/A
Science Fiction
Cobalt MercsWH40K997
Tyranid Hivefleet LepusWH40K1,498
House of HeliosChronopia981
Tusk and HornChronopia975

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